jeudi 14 avril 2011

Livres architecturaux

Jacob Dahlgren
Colour reading and contextureA-Foundation, Liverpool 2010
Size: 1700 x1400 x270 cm

 L'artiste suédois compose une ville et ses buildings à partir d'ouvrages destinés au pilion.

"Colour Reading and Contexture is a small city of colour and form that has been constructed from piles of sourced materials, in a variation of colours and sizes. The assorted mounds of objects range from old, unwanted library books, to tiles, to chocolate bars, to essentially any object with four corners. The items are layered together with relation to their shape, size and colour. Months of collective activity, sourcing and gathering on a local scale, are involved in the development of the work. This, together with the direct reference to Josef Alber’s theories relating to colour and scale, result in a work that speaks about place, history, collection and catagorisation, but also about how the viewer engages, and reads the world around them."
Source: Cafe du web, Jacob Dahlgren

Matej Kren

"The memory and knowledge accumulated in the books gathered, closed and inaccessible, diverse and precious will be potentially recovered in the end, when all of the books can return to their function of being read, but meanwhile they will have been worked on as sculpting matter and as the spirit of the place where the artist intends to hold us: an hexagonal enclosure with a passage defined by mirrors that assure the vertigo of a fall, the ad infinitum fragmentation, the panic of spatial disorientation characteristic of a virtual infinity."
Source:Matej Kren

Alicia Martin

Ajouter une légende
Source: Le Territoire des sens

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