jeudi 8 septembre 2011

Broken Houses, Ofra Lapid

"The series Broken houses is based on photographs of abandoned structures neglected by man and destroyed by the weather. The photos are found in the web while pursuing an amateur photographer from North Dakota who obsessively documents the decaying process of these houses. His photographs are used to create small scale models. Afterward, in the studio, the models are photographed again, omitted from their background and placed in gray. Eventually these are Digital pigment print size 30×36 cm."

L'Impossible voyage
Livre de 17 billets sérigraphiés, 15 cm x7 cm
Série limitée, sérigraphié à Montréal, aout 2011
20 exemplaires
Pour en savoir plus, visitez le blog de Louisa. Vous pouvez trouver le fanzine sur Etsy ou chez Monastiraki.