mardi 18 octobre 2011

Flagbooks, Karen Hanmer

Destination Moon | 2003
Destination Moon, about a couple's trip to the moon.

Succession | 2002
Pigment inkjet prints
Open size 7 x 5 x 26", closed size 7 x 5x.75"
Transition from a detailed to a blurred field of corn and back suggests the history of a large, immigrant farming family over a 60 year span. Inside covers depict the family in the late 1920s and the late 1960s.

Letter Home | 2004
Pigment inkjet prints
fully open size 8 x 19 x 3"
A young Navy wife’s letter written from Europe to her family on the farm.

Using family photographs and dual, private voices — a letter to family and an interior commentary — Hanmer creates a visual narrative/diorama of Midwestern roots, geographic displacement, familial relationships, personal and interpersonal anxieties, and 1950s cultural transition. The work evokes emotions of longing and loss without being sentimental, as well as hope for the future that is flavored with Midwestern pragmatism.
Source: Karen Hanmer

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