dimanche 5 février 2012


George Maciunas, «Fluxkit», 1964
«Under the Fluxus label, George Maciunas marketed through the mail a wide range of objects made by other artists. 'Fluxkit' is a representative selection of these objects, and encompasses the range of forms in which Fluxus editions were issued: graphical scores for events, interactive boxes and games, journals and films. A single box cost between one and five US dollars, the complete 'Fluxkit' initially a hundred dollars, whereby production costs alone accounted for sixty dollars, meaning the business-like trappings of the kit were counterfeit. Almost every 'Fluxkit' was somewhat different in content, and the number of components included rose over the years – from some twenty-five in 1965, for example, to forty in 1966. The originator of the idea of art in a box was Marcel Duchamp with his 'Boîte-en-valise'. The 'Fluxkit', however, was conceived as a collective product rather than individual museum.»

Source: Media Art net

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