mardi 26 juin 2012

Tiroir de maison, Ehud Oren


«Ehud Oren recontextualizes ordinary images from the exterior world–fragments of photographs taken on the streets of Tel Aviv and New York–as canvases for functional repositories which conceal the mundane items of domestic life.

With this transposition of the exterior world to the interior, Ehud shifts our awareness of the routine, the quotidian, the things we take for granted. These arrested moments–withering vines, compressed cardboard, dilapidated facades, steel scraps–celebrate the transitory and ephemeral vernacular that surrounds us.

While what we see is recognizable, the manipulated context and scale heighten our perception of its inherent beauty. The gesture blurs the boundaries between art and furniture, elevating the utilitarian to the poetic.»

Source: Braverman Gallery, TelAvivArtDesign

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