vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Paysages mobiles, Elisabeth Carls

Elisabeth Carls - Changing Landscapes
4.25'' x 6.25''
«Changing Landscapes is a series of 4 one-of-a-kind mixed media works designed to engage their audience and encourage a physical interaction between the viewer and the piece. On the surface the idea is simple—you can change the landscape. On another level, Changing Landscapes presents an un-sequenced narrative. A narrative about our individual sense of place and the ephemeral nature of the world we live in.

Each of the Changing Landscapes consists of cubes and trays built by hand from binder’s board. Each cube is collaged with original photographs printed on Arches paper with Epson Ultra-chrome pigment based inks. The cubes and trays were also painted with walnut ink and a beeswax medium.»

Elisabeth CArls - Afflicted
2.25'' x 4'', 6 pages
«In some ways we are each of us defined by our scars.…
First we are whole, then we are wounded, and finally we are scarred.»
The book was letterpress printed from photopolymer plates, and linoleum blocks on a Vandercook 219. It was printed as a single 8" x 10.5" sheet then map-folded. I use "road map" as metaphor in the text, the structure of the book supports that metaphor as well. Afflicted is laid in a handmade hardcover wrap with bone closure and waxed linen thread. Both the book and it's wrap are sealed with several layers of Renaissance wax.

Source: etsy

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