vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Quelques livres d'artiste sur Etsy

Jamie Schilling - Further West
5'' x 4'' - Screenprinting and photocopy
«Further West is a five-part investigation of my own experience with gentrification. It tells a family narrative, asks open-ended questions, and provides resources to learn more about the topic.»

Megan - Items from 121 Garden Lane
«A collection of cards housed in a small paper box. Each card has a photograph on the front and all are vaguely enigmatic; a bronze bird sculpture, boxes of cocktail stir sticks, a jar of beach glass. On the backs of the cards are a letter, describing a road trip and including section of news about the trip, familial musings, and the other meaningless-meaningful things we share with our family.»

Badbooks - Paperdreams
A6 blank journal with a dark blue faux leather soft cover. The inside cover is hand painted with a purple, blue and white checkered design. Over 80 pages of assorted paper.

Elizabeth Duffy - Enclosure Exposure

Yuka Petz -  Noun
«Noun is a playful artist’s book about words and their definitions. It is like an exquisite corpse with words. Starting with 27 real English words, each word and its definition has been divided into two parts. By turning the pages, you get to mix and match the word halves to create humorous and nonsensical new words and meanings.»

Conky Cheekweek - On the trapeze
12,5 x 8 cm - 2011
«Designed to hang like a wee single-point trapeze itself, this screenprinted booklet shows several positions on the static trapeze, illustrated in a fun style reminiscent of Victorian-era burlesque and circus shows. (Most of them I've attempted myself, but one I think is technically impossible.)»

Source: etsy

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