vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Vieux livres, maisons, visages, Cathy Cullis

«Often small in scale, my work is inspired by a love of art history and folk art. Influences include the 'outsider artist' Madge Gill, who created detailed, patterned ink drawings. Just as Madge Gill worked intuitively, so I use my sewing machine as a drawing tool, to explore an everlasting world of organic movement, figures and gazing faces.
My painting and sketching informs my stitch work and allows me to explore ideas using a different set of tools and dynamics. Paintings are about mark making, expression and pattern. Just as with embroidery, I use improvisation and work intuitively. I see my paintings as visual poems, hints toward stories to be told.
In recent years my writing has become more experimental - I write both poetry and short fiction. I'm these days more interested in the playfulness of language and meaning, and like to explore nature language, art making and history, nostalgia and women's lives.»


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