samedi 27 avril 2013

A swim with the bear, Kreh Mellick

Source: Kreh Mellick

Je suis de mauvaise humeur, Pascaline Knight

A Knight Move ou L'Émergence De La Chrysalide is a hybrid between an artist book, a graphic novel and poetry, it is written in both french and English, but the respective languages are not translated. The poetry lies in the dance between both languages colliding with the images. It depicts A suicide from a daughters point of view. There are 38 prints which are alternatively white and black stonehenge and 

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samedi 13 avril 2013


Robyn Foster "The Missing Typewriter Key"
Edition no. 12/12. 11.7cm wide x 7.7cm tall x 2.7cm deep. Tabbed accordion book with fold-up pocket and inserts; black Canson paper box; 8 removabe tags with tabs and red string, shellaced; endpapers and postcards; typewritten and stencilled text.

lundi 1 avril 2013

Trace Willans, The Earth

Trace Willans "The Earth"
Title no. #31. Edition no. 1/15. 9cm wide x 11cm tall. Accordion binding; watercolour paper, ink and wax.

Source: bookartobject