mardi 21 octobre 2014

Les pamphlets de ruohongwu

Le site Internet de l'artiste RU est un bel univers dans lequel on a envie de se laisser perdre. J'ai découvert quelques uns de ses livres au Fanzines! Festival et ai été séduite par sa personnalité.  

Pamphlet Us 01: lost&found

«The idea of this photography work is to read one city and its subculture through one chosen object. Here I choose the left over parts of stolen bicycles to visualize an unusual tour of London. It is not necessary to represent the perfect side of this city, but of the unique side with its own mood. Rather than understanding these stolen bicycles as criminal victims, I believe they are separated scenarios hidden within the whole play. These scenarios invite the audients to zoom out from one object to one culture, to the narrative of one city.»

Pamphlet Us 02: Microcosm

The idea of this work started from a trip of the Scottish Highlands. 
About how a large world can be illustrated in form of a small world.

Même sa biographie est charmante:

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