lundi 23 mars 2015

Le papier comme des choses, Jamie Q

« I've kept notes of things people have said about my work... They've described it as playful, curious, a visual delight, optimistic, refreshing, inquisitive, exclamatory, fun. Someone commented that "it just makes me happy." Someone else said, "When I see your art my mind feels very open and happy. Then I start to spend time letting my eyes wander and there is a story." Another said, "It looks completely original yet reminds me of a lot of other things I can't put my finger on... it does compel you to look at it more than once." I started collecting this feedback because it gives me a sense of meaning and purpose about my work. Having my art create these feelings of imagination, play, and happiness are the best reactions I could hope for.»
Extrait d'une entrevue de Jamie Q.

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