mardi 5 juillet 2016

Pli, Saskia de Brauw

 «Since a few years I collect objects or rather, fragments of the cities and places that I travel through: wrinkled pieces of paper, written notes, paper airplanes, ribbons, flowers ans leaves, an abandoned shoe, a broken umbrella, a lonely glove... I describe them as ma diary and mapping of my movements across different countries ans cities. Each object is catalogued by date and place.
Slowly, I am building an archive of these seemingly trivial objects which struck me by their beauty, even if they were discarded, and what is considered by most people to be rubbish. The objects illustrate the passage of time. The transformation of objects reveals whats happens when something is forgotten, trampled on, spat on, only to be picked up again.

For the book 'The Accidental Fold' a collection of images from this archive are brought together combined with short texts that are observations of daily life on the streets, In my writing I am drawn to the more bleak and fragile side of life.»

Source: Les rencontres d'Arles, Saskia de Brauw

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