lundi 4 juin 2018

Inventaire des autres, Oscar Munoz


Oscar Munoz. Inventario. 2014. 10 charcoal dust prints set in plastic sheets. Case made of cardboard and brass. 30 x 20 x 3 cm
Limited edition of 13 copies + 4 H.C. Graphic design: Olivier Andreotti

In an interview with Maria Wills from 2013, Oscar Muñoz declared, “I take photos the way everyone does, but that’s not what interests me… I’m much more interested in photos taken by other people.” And further along in the interview, he talks about his taste for the “anachronistic confrontations” contained in that combination or crossing between historical photos and different registers: “The images that come to us through time are not static; they are in a changing relationship constructed with the images we consume from day to day. New ones appear while others are cast aside… Many of our memories are constructed from images that do not reflect what we have lived ourselves. »

The process the artist engages here of charcoal dust prints translates his interest in images that are “halfway between materialisation and dematerialisation,” evoking memory and forgetting…

Source: Toluca Éditions