jeudi 27 décembre 2012

Faux document, Edward Ruscha

Avec Royal Road Test (1967), Edward Ruscha documente une action qui consiste à jeter une machine à écrire d'une voiture en mouvement, puis d'en rassembler les morceaux. Le livre est utilisé comme support de la documentation. Mais c'est une parodie d'archivage, avec des phrases énigmatiques sur l'autodestruction (Dada), une (fausse) esthétique neutre pour donner une impression d'objectivité, un style qui imite le constat policier. 

Robert Irwin on Ed Ruscha’s books: "The general response when you got a Ruscha book was to look through it with interest, then laugh, then look through it with interest. You keep looking for the story."

(Lui et) Moi, Keith Negley


 Source: Keith Negley

mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Atlas, Francisca Prieto

«For the last 2 years I have been working with old books. Books excite me and inspire me: the intimate relationship with their texture and colour and even their smell - all unique and distinct to each – ultimately feeds into the work. I have been working on a series entitledBetween Folds, an ongoing body of work which draws together many of my interests: exploring the deconstruction of rare illustrated periodicals and books using modular structures whilst incorporating typographical elements. The delicate pages of these beautiful, often rare books are released from their bindings and restructured into new three-dimensional artworks. By dissecting, folding and re-connecting the pages, viewers are invited to experience looking at a book and all of its pages at once, yet without being able to read any one page individually.»

Source: Francisca Prieto, UppercaseMagazine

Leçon d'anatomie de Harlinde De Mol

Source: Art Hound

Constructions organiques sur Mylar, Julie Evans

These works are from the series Mylar Constructions and are composed of water-based media on mylar.
 Source: Julie Evans, At Hound